Minutes – 11th March 2021


Rosie DykeAmy Lovell
Caroline Jamieson
Vikki Lindsay
Vicki Lloyd
Toby Blackburn
Suzie Leech
Lizy Kacou


Matters Arising From Last Meeting

No matters were arising from the last meeting.

Finance Review


  • Forest School: £1,880. Works remaining to be finished over Easter Holidays
  • Christmas Tree: £100


  • Textile Recycling: £183.73
  • 100 Club: £300
  • Christmas Tree Partnership Scheme: £85
  • Give As You Live: £9
  • Christmas Raffle: £504

Planned Expenditure

  • Forest School: Unknown amount remaining
  • Covered Scooter/Bike Shelter: PTFA contribution of £2k to be matched with further £2k from grant. Action with Julie Bailiss to agree location and installation – Lizy to complete funding application to obtain funds.
  • Mini trim zone near the gazebo – school to fund
  • Markings in front playground – school to fund
  • More outdoor equipment – details to follow

Upcoming Events

  • Easter Egg Raffle – 26th March. Secondary prizes of additional chocolate eggs will be used. Committee were to see if other prizes could be sourced from local contacts e.g. Wharf Cafe, Marina, Bike Service, Scotch Eggs etc…. Toby to share specific link for the Raffle Tickets and encourage parents to share with grandparents/family.
  • Textile Recycling – 30th March. Everything to be placed outside school grounds.
  • Easter Egg Hunt – 1st April. Payments being received online through PTFA Shop.


PTFA Promotional Video

It was suggested to create a video of all the things that parents have helped fund through the PTFA’s fundraising activities. The video could be shared with parents, and prospective parents, to highlight what has been achieved. Suzie, Caroline and Toby to look into getting something done. Toby to speak to Mrs. Hodder about what could be done.

Social Media Marketing

It was also suggested that the PTFA use Instagram as an additional platform for sharing content. Toby to look into setting up account and connecting to Facebook. Toby also to check that school will be happy with their Twitter content being shared on Instagram. Caroline has also offered to help with social media marketing activities.

Thank You for Teachers

It was proposed to organise a thank you gift for the end of term for the teaching/school staff. Vicki Lloyd to arrange bunches of daffodils to be delivered into school with thanks message. It was also suggested that a tree could be planted to commemorate the end of lockdown restrictions along with a plaque marking its significance. Toby to speak to school about possible options.

Tropicana Event

With restrictions easing, Toby to speak to Tropicana about possible dates both at the end of summer (late August/September) and also for March 2022. Also need to establish what happens to booked events for future lockdowns.

Other Events

A couple of additional events were suggested that the PTFA could support/get involved with to help fundraise.

Sea Shanty Event (6-8th August) – Lizy to speak to organiser.

Festival of Light (October?) – Vicki/Lizy to speak to Paula.

Real Ale Festival (July or October) – volunteers manning the bar can earn £10 per hour for their nominated charity. PTFA to look for volunteers when dates confirmed. Toby to publicise when available.

Slimeridge Farm – the owner has floated the possibility of running events at the property for the community. Suzie to speak to him to find out what opportunities may exist.

Next Meeting

The next meeting to be arranged for the week commencing 19th April.