Minutes – 9th October 2020

| Date: | 9th October 2020 |
| Time: | 2pm |
| Location: | Online (Zoom) |


Vicki LloydHeidi Iles
Vikki LindsayAde Bowen
Toby BlackburnNicola Bliss
Amy Lovell
Lizy Jones
Toby Sykes
Caroline Jamieson
Julie Byfield


Meeting with School

Vicki Lloyd and Vikki Lindsay recently held an online meeting with Sam Hodder (Principal) and Julia Bailiss (School Business Manager) to discuss current expenditure and planned projects.

Finance review


Over the last year, the PTFA raised just under £12k. It has also spent over £18k on school projects using accumulated funds from previous years on projects including:

  • Outdoor classroom
  • IT Suite replacement computers
  • Class visits
  • Life skills
  • Leavers gifts
Planned Projects

Over the next year, the school would like to use PTFA funding to achieve some of the following:
– Planned Spends
– Forest school area at the end of the playing field to be developed with canvas canopy and seating area, with fire pit etc…
– Lizy suggested applying for grants to bring in equipment and ecology-related items
– Covered bike and scooter stand. Possible grants?
– Limited availability currently with capacity
– Need to check location of bike storage and capacity. Are there issues with the neighbours and planning permissions?
– Wow North Somerset
– Christmas trees
– End of year stuff

Calendar of Events

As a result of Covid restrictions, a number of normal events that the PTFA would run will be cancelled this year, such as the Christmas Bazaar and disco. However the following activities will still happen, albeit in a slightly altered form:

  • Textile Recycling – 10th November. Collections will be on the pavement on Ellesmere Road by flower bed/boat. Donations are to be placed being the bed. As the first collection for the day they won’t need to remain in place for very long.
  • Amy Lovell offered to run a leaflet drop around Uphill to encourage the community to donate at the same time. Toby Blackburn to draft leaflet.
  • Class Crafts for Christmas will continue to happen but parent helpers will be limited to parents of children for that class. Crafts will need to be simplified to support this.
  • Secret Santa are to continue but KS1 gifts will need to be pre-wrapped and the children will choose which gift from a ‘menu’.
  • Dress-down day. Date TBC but a £1 donation will be asked for instead of chocolate.
  • Class Christmas parties will continue to happen.


Newsletter has been drafted and is due to go out over the next week. Toby Blackburn to finalise and issue.


  • Lizy Jones mentioned the possibility of running some surveys with parents to determine what fundraisers they’d be interested in, what events work/don’t work and also to look at preferred means of communication going forward. Toby Blackburn to investigate.
  • Caroline wanted to know what things parents could get involved in. Vicki Lloyd highlighted that school normally has parents in to assist with guided reading so to contact the office to express and interest. Caroline also highlighted that as a new parent she feels she’s missing out on seeing what goes on in class and wondered whether some kind of virtual tour could be done. Toby Blackburn mentioned that there is a new parents tour on the school website that may assist but this may have not been shared with other parents directly. Toby Blackburn to mention to school about maybe highlighting this for new parents as well.